I wouldn’t mind dying – it’s the business of having to stay dead that scares the shit out of me. (Ivana D.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoNote: From a Twitter follower. I thought it appropriate to respond to it here. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

I love your honesty Ivana, and the issues it might raise for, I suspect, most of us reading it.

Who in their right mind isn’t afraid of death, or at least disturbed by the thought of it? It’s a big change in circumstances for each of us. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

Imagine you are migrating to the other side of the world. Your expectations are very high and you are really excited about going. If you are honest you are also going to be nervous regarding what you are heading into, the reality of it, and also what you are leaving behind – particularly if that involves family and friends. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

Death is going to be an adventure…

Death is just such a real adventure. It will happen to us all, and it is not morbid to give thought to it, nor make preparation for it. If you can you will want to leave without loose ends, with no regrets.

Like any major change, death (in my beliefs) marks a major milestone in our direction of travel. As day follows night – and that order is intentional – if we look deep enough we will find death is a natural and meaningful part of our travels. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

When we die, we leave our body, the vehicle we have spent this time in, the vehicle that is designed and most suited for living on the Earth – not where we are going. We move on. None of us “stay dead,” although probably most of us need a good long kip after the move to get adjusted to the change.

In our etheric body we look just the same person we are familiar with. We can choose to look younger too should we need to. We can even choose to look different once other adjustments are made, and we remember our older skills. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

We can still visit

Unlike our journey to the other side of the world, going to the Other Side there are no obstacles to our getting back, should we need to (to revisit loved ones). At some point we will probably want to come back into the physical, to continue our learning. [ Staying dead scares the shit out of me ]

Take a read of my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It, particularly Chaper 6: The Other Side, and also the Appendix: Six Months to Live, to get further insight into my thoughts on this…

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