What is the Other Side like? (Sylvia E.)

New Q & A iconHello Sylvia, thanks for your question. [ What is the Other Side like ]

Here’s what I believe to be the case for most of us.* [ What is the Other Side like ]

The Other Side is another vibration level to the one we are in right now. It operates outside of linear time, as we know it.

It will reflect where we are in our spiritual state and expectations. Those built up through our experience of being on the Earth. If we believe we will meet St Peter at the gates of heaven, then we probably will. We need to try and avoid getting caught up in the fluffy clouds and angels with harps however.

In context, I’d say we are busy creating our Other Side while we are here, right now. In many respects then our experience of the Other Side will be unique to ourselves.

Home, as opposed to being Over Here

For most of us, I suspect, it will soon feel like “home” when we get there – as we come to be reminded we have been there before; a lot longer than Over Here (let’s call it), in the physical world. It might be better to view the Other Side as a base camp for our work and adventures, that we go out from, and return to. Although that wouldn’t be forever. [ What is the Other Side like ]

Probably what we will see, on the Other Side, will be a beautiful representation of what we have been used to, on the Earth. Beautiful countryside, beautiful buildings, villages, towns and cities, and of course beautiful people – well I trust they will be. Animals will be there if we want them there – I certainly will.

We will be able to meet up with old acquaintances, family, friends who have also passed over. This is if we wish to – as, of course, we may not. We can also readily revisit loved ones on the Earth, or places we liked to go to, when we were there. Bear in mind there may be some negotiation to be had with advisors over such trips.

We have all our faculties and personality

We will look as we do now, only finer in our etheric body. We can choose to look younger or older in presentation as we wish – once we have regained the hang of it.

We carry our identity with us. In other words, we have all our faculties and personality – or we regain our faculties if damaged or disabled during physical life. The human body is a wonderful hi-tech instrument, a spacesuit for the Earth, but it is not the soul, and its etheric body doesn’t have the same limitations.

Travel in the bat of an eyelid

We can move around freely, by thought. We don’t have the physical constraints on us as we do now. We won’t need vehicles to get around in, and we can also create for our needs through thought.

We can travel great distances in the bat of an eyelid. We can look back over our previous times and project forward. It seems there is no restriction on such travel.

We’ll probably have a sense of being bathed in wellbeingness, in Love, and I suspect music will still play a big part in our lives. [ What is the Other Side like ]

Does that sound like heaven to you Sylvia?

Our learning never ends however. Bear in mind an ice-cream can taste wonderful, two can be just as good, but three and you may be feeling you’ve had a belly full – and it’s time to move on. As a cosmic traveller, on a mission, you’ll no doubt find at some point that heaven ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…

I’ve written a whole chapter on The Other Side in, Life and Death: Making Sense of It. It includes quotes from people having had NDE experiences, quotes from mediums and particularly a Q & A session with the medium, Andrea Grieveson. [ What is the Other Side like ]

*A few of us, let’s say, will have a more testing experience on the Other Side, having gone backwards in our spiritual development through the way we have lived and interacted with others on the Earth. A balance will need to be struck.

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  1. Andrew Hamer

    I’ve been on a spiritual jersey for about 30 hrs .and lately I’ve been so interested in what it’s like on the other side and yesterday was the first time I’ve ever looked up what other people think of it.

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