Francis O’Neill author bio

Francis O’Neill author bio

A bit about me

I thought you’d never ask… Francis O’Neill author bio

No I’m not Francis O’Neill who writes (actually “wrote”) books on Irish music. And although my middle name is Eugene, I’m, unfortunately no relation to Eugene O’Neill the playwright.

It was suggested I should use my middle name to help build my writing career, by association with the great writer. Somehow that got missed in the finished product of my first book – another marketing opportunity missed I imagine!

Francis O'Neill Author bio imageAnyhow, down to me. Until recently I would have said that I write about mind, body & spirit, and spiritual health matters…

But on a slightly different tack I can now add astrology to this list. Finally after 40 years of involvement with astrology – including gaining two diplomas in the topic – I’ve brought out a series of six books entitled Discover Proper Astrology. You can find out more on these books here. I have put a lot of myself into these works and I hope you will find them beneficial. I’ve also launched an astrology course – Beyond Your Star Sign. Follow this link to find out more.


Born on the south coast of Ireland (Waterford), I was raised as a Catholic but became a fully-signed up atheist by my late teens/early twenties, and then spent Sundays motorcycle racing (on grasstrack) instead of going to Church. Certainly it was more fun than three Hail Mary’s, as I recall – although there were moments when prayer seemed a good option. I do use prayer in my life these days but not as I was taught.

Is this the road to Damascus?

I would have continued in my comfortable atheist direction except for one or two paranormal experiences that rocked my boat a bit. Also seeing the occasional UFO (like you do) didn’t help either. The cruncher, I describe as my “Road to Damascus” experience, was after getting into a book by Carl Jung. What a home-coming that was. 

From that point on I sought to understand life from a spiritual perspective. In my reading I was still ploughing through books based upon reductionist and mechanistic thinking but now I was also looking into all kinds of “fringe” topics, that included taking a serious interest in astrology. Yes I know. My medical records show I was sound of mind at the time. We’re talking quite a number of years back now.

Did you say, “Work!?”— what’s that?

Work-wise I was all set for following a conventional path in life, an apprentice in cabinet-making and later employed as a sheet-metal worker. However a workers strike, and not a little of, what I call, the Law of Attraction, put paid to all that. The strike proved terminal for my making steel cabinets etc.

Steps to Health, Weath & Inner Peace | 1 imageBy my mid-twenties I had entered into a career in archaeology and could be found supervising rescue excavations (on prehistoric through to post-mediaeval sites) in the UK. I also ran my astrology practice. I later took a degree in psychology and became a teacher/trainer in adult education.

Have a read of my Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace book to get more on the Law of Attraction component of this part of the story.

That’s my gal

I must just tell you this bit: Some twelve years later (from the strike); now living in London and completing on a degree, I was regularly listening to an album of relaxation music.

Portraits by Annie Locke imageThis was Portraits by Annie Locke. By a twist of fate — or another dose of the Law of Attraction — three years later I met Annie (while I was helping healer, Matthew Manning, at one of his exhibitions). We got on, sparks flew hither and dither, and we have been together ever since.

Apart from the house chores, I help Annie with making some of the finished product and videos of her music. She is doing great with her new age piano album, A Glimmer of Hope – and the many singles that have followed. You can find out more by visiting her website:

Keep on truckin!

Not all of this journey has been nearly so smooth or seemingly a blast as I might portray it. There are big gaps, of course there are. Formally I have now retired but my writing career has really only just begun… My driver for writing is to discuss “spiritual health” and, what I call, “making a contribution” which I hope this website helps to meet too.

You’ll find all my books on this website, so I won’t mention more of them here.

Comment on our life on Earth

It never ceases to astound me how awesome and magical our situation on the Earth is, either by considering human beings in juxtaposition with the other lifeforms that we live with, or by the paucity of life on other planets for millions of miles around us. And yet how easy it is for us to overlook this marvel of existence in the noise and dust of our day to day existence, with all its demands, stimulations and woes.

Similarly how ignorant a great number of us prefer to remain regarding our death — let alone see it in context with spiritual development. Sure the idea that we are going to die, or, as I believe, more accurately lose our physical vehicle, scares us. Well okay, it scares most of us let’s say, as any major life turning point will.

But far from being a final interruption to our travels it is, I argue, a meaningful and dynamic part of our bigger journey, and a sound reason for our needing to do everything we can, to understand it and prepare for its inevitable and timely arrival.

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