I read your answer re humans living on the Earth. So where do you believe we came from? Did we just arrive here? (Beatrice S.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoHello Beatrice. I’m wondering, I probably didn’t explain my view as well as I should in that answer (immediately below this). [ Where did we come from ]

My view is that we are souls that are involved in the evolutionary process. As humans I don’t believe we arrived from anywhere as such. One could argue it is down to evolution taking place here that our development has occurred. As I said, or implied above, it looks as though it all speeded up for humanity around 50,000 ago.

Evolution but why at that point?

But one does have to ask why it happened, and at that point. On the face of it, it is evolution, but is it all down to evolution as we know it? From that point onwards in time we began to stand outside of the animal kingdom. [ Where did we come from ]

Look, I actually believe we had some help. In the Life and Death book I consider alternative reasons to the simple evolutionary argument. [ Where did we come from ]

If you want to pursue that, it’s better you read it there, in the book, than my giving a potted version of it here. I hope this helps Beatrice.

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