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know thyself image The inscription over the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, in ancient Greece, represents essentially what Some Inspiration (Publications) offers – the means to know yourself through the spiritual books, and the proper use of Western astrology, that are offered here.


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New Astrology Workbook

Bear Necessiities imageMy new course workbook – Learn to Read Your Birth-chart in 5 Steps is now out.
You can get it on Amazon and/or order it through any IngramSpark outlets.

Learn to Read Your Birth-chart in 5 Steps is a 10×8, 380 page, illustrated course workbook, to help the novice learn how to read and understand a Western astrological birth-chart – preferably their own chart. The workbook also includes access to a further bonus pack of resources and articles.

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FREE astrology course: Beyond Your Star Sign

BYSS course FI imageIf astrology interests you, but you only know your star sign, this free course will, I believe, open a new and exciting doorway into your horoscope for you.

If you already have your horoscope (your birth-chart), but haven’t a clue on how to read it, the course will give you a valuable and necessary start on how to do that.

And if you need help with getting hold of your birth-chart, have a read of the article Erecting Birth-charts for where to go.

Take a look…


Other books wot I’ve dun wrot…

Life and Death | 200x96 imageLife and Death: Making Sense of It

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A “hard-core” Mind, Body & Spirit book. It answers some really big questions, regarding life and death, that we don’t like to talk about… It’s a straight-talking book. It addresses the spiritual purpose to our lives, what could await us on the “Other Side.”

And includes discussion on: Human evolution | The growth of consciousness | Ghosts and the paranormal | Near-death experience | Past lives of children | Karma and reincarnation | The afterlife experience | Who we are as spiritual beings.
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Love's Story | 400x96 imageLove’s Story of Why We Are Here – new update
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This book sets out to answer one big life question: Why are we here? It provides a radical and new hypothesis to answer this question, and also advises on, What we can do about it.

The book discusses: Gaia, the living Earth | Consciousness | A problem with evolution as we currently know it | The aura and the soul | Quantum theory | Are we alone in the Universe | UFOs, extraterrestrials and disclosure.
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Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace | All books on Some Inspiration | 300x96dpi image Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace

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Written as an aide-memoire Mind Body & Spirit book. Steps to Health Wealth & Inner Peace will give you all the information and essential tools you need to get all fired-up and get into that healthier, wealthier and place of inner peace – indeed help you to make a success of your life in mind, in body and spirit. The book includes a host of ideas and tips to follow through on:

Seven Steps leading to success | The benefits of self-hypnosis | Steps to using creative visualisation with the Law of Attraction | Steps to meditation | And the Eight-fold Path to happiness.
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The Master Key System | All books on Some Inspiration | 300x96 image The Master Key System
Charles F. Haanel (edited by myself)
The essential Self-development book. 

Learn Creative Visualisation | Learn about the Law of Attraction | And change your life…

Laid out in 24 weekly parts, this remarkable book, that you can download here, is a hugely well regarded self-help, personal development work. It is a major influencer in the development of creative visualisation and law of attraction techniques. This was the work that provided Napoleon Hill with his ideas for Think And Grow Rich.

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Note: This version is only available from this site.

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