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New short course: Beyond Your Star Sign

Are you interested in astrology but only know your star sign?

A Western birth-chart imageOr do you already have your horoscope (birth-chart) but don’t know how to read it?

The Beyond Your Star Sign course will help to give you more than the start you need in either direction.

This 30 minute online (videos with PDF downloads) course, will take you through the first steps to a fuller understanding of your horoscope and proper Western astrology. It does this by helping you to get familiar with four major astrological players in your life – that’s four times more insight than your star sign by itself.

This is DIY astrology!

The course is currently FREEwith no further obligations. Try it out… and see how it can help you to move on with your interest.

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Discover Proper Astrology…

Book series

Discover Proper Astrology | bookshelf tablet image

Discover Proper Astrology through a series of six bitesize self-help books, written by a practicing astrologer (Francis O’Neill) with 40 years experience in the art of Western Astrology.

DPA series | 800x96-1 image

These Some Inspiration Publications (in Kindle format) offer you an essential knowledge on modern Western Natal Astrology.

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Or you can get the series in PDF delivered to your door for just £9.97.


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