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Some Inspiration website is currently going through a major change of use – to focus more on books, proper Western astrology and Q&A (matters of opinion). A number of posts are retained in Change Your Life. I hope you will find these changes of interest and of use to you.

New Astrology Course

To kick off here’s a FREE course About Western Astrology

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About Western Astrology is an introductory short course of four videos on astrology we use in the West.

The course covers what astrology actually is, as different from the popular version of it. The course focuses on explaining the non-predictive Western natal astrology. It includes birthchart examples, including an overview of the birthchart of Mozart.

Interested!?  Sign up  for the course – it’s FREE!

Or find out more here.


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Discover Proper Astrology

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Astrology Reports

Some Inspiration website - a touch of inspiration | Astrology Reports from Some Inspiration | astrological earth imageLooking for clarity on who you are, your life, and where you are heading over the year ahead!?

Astrology reports from Some Inspiration are available for Birthchart; 12 Month Forecast, and Relationship Compatibility .Some Inspiration website

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