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Loving Kindness contemplation

Consider Loving Kindness contemplation as Step Seven to the 6 Steps Starter Guide to Meditation
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Once you have begun to master meditation as described in the 6 Steps article, consider practicing this Loving Kindness contemplation at the end of your meditation.

The suggestion is that you bring this into your meditation two or three times a week but by all means use every day if you so wish.

The practice

The practice involves firstly saying to yourself, words such as:

May I be well, happy, peaceful and calm. May I be protected from any harm. May I be well, happy, peaceful and calm.

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Affirmations – 7 Essential Pointers

Some Inspiration | Affirmations - 7 Essential pointers | figure in field imageGet started on affirmations – with these 7 essential pointers! [ Affirmations – 7 Essential Pointers ]

The first thing to say about affirmations is that they work. In this Affirmations – 7 Essential Pointers article I am going to be looking at how they work to bring about what you want in your life.

You will also find out how to create your own powerful affirmations that you can begin using from today.

What affirmations are

Let’s begin by saying that we are using affirmations on a daily basis, and mostly without our even being aware of it.

What we are doing is affirming what we have learnt from childhood and life experience in general. We are talking here about what we have imbued into our ‘subconscious’.

It would take a whole book to fully explore the subconscious as we call it, so, in brief here, let me mention that it lies just below our waking conscious state and is deemed to carry an accurate record of all that has happened to us.

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FREE eBook: Steps to Health Wealth & Inner Peace

Some Inspiration | Steps To Health, Wealth & Inner Peace | 3D 400w imageSteps to Health Wealth & Inner Peace will give you all the information and essential tools you need to get all fired-up and get into that healthier, wealthier  place of inner peace – indeed help you to make a success of your life in mind, in body and spirit.
Read in one sitting, sixty eight pages of delight. I must say most of this was like reinforcement for me of what I know already, but almost needed to remind myself of…” Kim Knight (author).

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