When you die, do spirits come to take you away? (via Quora)

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Let me suggest this to you: We are all spirits and we all have contacts on the Other Side.

Some of our spirit contacts will take on the role of guide/s for us in this life. I should add that depending on how developed we are spiritually, we too may have been a guide for another soul, in another life. It is called something like, “looking out for one another.”

In coming into a physical body on the Earth we pretty soon forget those contacts and, for that matter, any previous existence – unless we can remain open or are helped in some way to remember past experience.

We of course make contacts here, and there’s a good chance one or two of those (our parents for example) will pass back over before us. [ At death do spirits take you away ]

When you die

What I’m driving at then is that when you or I are at the point of dying – and depending upon our circumstances – souls we know and love may visit us from the Other Side. These can either be through previous experience or who we know, and passed over, during this life. They may come visit us well before death too. Anyhow, they’ll probably hang around to be with us on our journey home, to help us arrive safely.

This will depend upon our circumstances however. If we have died suddenly and worse (because of our beliefs) are in denial of our death, it may require someone skilled in helping us to accept what has happened and to cross back over. [ At death do spirits take you away ]

There are dangers in leaving a soul to remain in a state of limbo such as this.

Often it will mean that the helper is around to offer support as and when the confused soul becomes open to accepting help. By linear time measure that could mean a long wait.

Alternatively, our circumstances may be that we have travelled back and forth, in and out of physical life, a great deal (we might be what we’d call an “old soul”) and pretty much know our way home without need of much help to get there. In which case, our loved ones and supporters will probably be there to greet us as we arrive.

I hope this helps. [ At death do spirits take you away ]

If interested to read further, I’ve written about this in a chapter, The Other Side, in my Life and Death: Making Sense of It book. It’s available in eBook and paperback versions from the book’s website or all the main online retailers.

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