Why does the same natal chart play differently?

Why does the same natal chart play differently?

“Why does the same natal chart play differently?” was a question I answered on Quora.

Homepage Topic 1 imageWell (if I have understood your question properly) you could, in theory, have the birth of a child, the beginning of a business and the launch of a ship, all happening at the same time (give or take a minute or two – and let’s not quibble) in a town, let’s say on the edge of the ocean.

These events would all have the same natal or birth-chart.

An astrologer dealing with all three would apply the same chart to each situation at hand; and interpret it accordingly. In their evaluation, of the potential of each, there would of course be overlap and some obvious differences/emphasis on each of the three events.

Symbolical representation

What you need to bear in mind from this is that the natal chart is a symbolical representation of an event in Time, space and place – no matter what that event is.

Also, with so many variables represented in the chart, outcomes are not always as black or white as might be expected. Just like Mars, coming to oppose Uranus in Scorpio, does not mean you are going to break a leg riding a motorcycle. You might, or you might have a break-through in discovery of something unsettling previously hidden from you.


If the astrologer, in our example, could continue to chart all three they would anticipate correspondences (synchronicities) between them to be found through their life journeys – notably the peaks and troughs of experience.

But, as you can anticipate, the outcomes are very likely to be different in nature for each. Let’s say a successful exam outcome for the child, corresponds with a successful contract for the business, and a successful safety inspection for the ship. And so it goes…

Indentical twins

But let’s also look at identical twins. How “does the same natal chart play differently” here?

Identical twins are often said to have strong correspondences with each other throughout their lives. And this has been notable with twins that have been separated in their early years, or at birth. But does it always happen? No, I doubt it! Does it need to for astrology to have value? No!

Like our three events above, here the birth of twins might be so close to each other that really the one natal chart, as good as damn it, applies to both. I know there are astrologers who will say the gap in minutes will make the difference in their respective behaviour – and yes it will contribute. But there are bigger things that need to be understood in this situation.

My argument is that we are not each a tabula rasa when we arrive here. We enter life with an intention that is personal to ourselves. Each child is a soul in a temporary time situation – with something to experience and learn.

How one child handles life and makes use of their potential (as symbolised in this chart for both), does not have to follow the other. And likewise, in the way the other responds to and uses the same symbolical potential.

In other words, identical twins yes, identical souls, not necessarily.

I hope this helps.

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