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Some Inspiration is a mind body & spirit website that offers my books and astrology services together with articles, Q&A blog, and other products relating to self-development, general health, spiritual health and wellbeing. 

The site also carries music notifications by Annie Locke.

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Some Inspiration as “Some Inspiration Publications”  doubles up as the publisher for my books. You can buy or access these books off this website as well as through online bookshops, or bricks & mortar stores.About


You can find out more about myself off this link to my bio.

Overall, my aim, through Some Inspiration, is to help people become more spiritually informed, inspired, and more successful in life.

If you have in mind to place an article on this site, linking with the mind body & spirit theme of the website, then get in touch with me off the Contact Some Inspiration page.

Take a look around and thank you for visiting.

Francis O’Neill

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