Beyond Your Star Sign course

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Beyond Your Star Sign course

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About Course

Beyond Your Star Sign course

If astrology interests you, but you only know your star sign (Sun sign) or have read an article or two on it, the Beyond Your Star Sign (Free) course will open a new and exciting doorway into your horoscope for you.

If you already have your horoscope (birth-chart), but haven’t a clue on how to read it, the course will give you a necessary start you need in learning how to do that.

Four main players

Angelina Jolie | 2charts | 1000x96 imageBeyond Your Star Sign course offers you the first steps to a fuller understanding of your horoscope – through four main players in your chart. These are your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign and your Midheaven Sign.

Taken together these can provide you with enormous insight into who you are – four times greater than just knowing your Star Sign.

Need a Birth-chart?

Having your own birth-chart is essential for doing this course. If you have yet to get it drawn up, you can get it done here – visit Need a Birth-chart?

You’ll need the following information about yourself:

  1. Your date of birth.
  2. Local time of birth – needs to be as exact as possible; if not tell me how far out.
  3. Where you were born – nearest town.

But you’ll find all you need to know on the page itself. I’ll draw up your chart (provided in PDF format) and send it to the email address you supply.

About the tutor

Some Inspiration - Francis O'Neill image
Francis O’Neill

I’m a professional astrologer and teacher – and have been for many years. I have diplomas in the subject through two astrology schools based in the UK.

My desire is to encourage people to study their astrological birth-chart as a self-development tool.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will be clearer about the role the Sun (your star sign) plays in your birth-chart.
  • You will learn how important the role of the Moon is, in your birth-chart.
  • And the important role the Angles play in your birth-chart.
  • You will increase your knowledge of Western astrology.
  • You will be informed on the difference between popular and proper Western astrology.

Course Content

Beyond Your Star Sign course
This is a short course, involving four Parts.

  • Welcome to the course
  • Part 1 About Western Natal Astrology
  • Part 2 The Four Main Players
  • Part 3 The Zodiac Signs resource
  • Part 4 Example Birth-charts
  • Where to next

Student Ratings & Reviews

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9 Ratings
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1 year ago
I love this course. I've learnt more about astrology doing this than I have looking elsewhere on the Web - and that includes another course.
1 year ago
This has been a very useful start to my rediscovering astrology - and free too so thank you. It took a while to get my chart sorted but I got there.
1 year ago
Well I'm quite sceptical of astrology. But as you are offering this free course I decided I'd look into it - to give it a chance or convince myself further. I'm still sceptical - maybe not as much. But I have to say there is a lot more to it than I knew - and I like the way you explain it - no faff.
1 year ago
I'm familiar with Indian astrology so this course was helpful to me to getting a Western approach to my natal chart. My impression now is that I'd like to learn more. It's not so black and white as Indian astrology and I like that at this point.
1 year ago
This has been very helpful - it's given me the start I needed. The pdfs by themselves are worth getting hold of.
1 year ago
I'm surprised that so much information has been packed into this short astrology course - and free too. It's been a great help. You do need to have a birth chart though to get the best from it.
1 year ago
Great little course - thank you. Learnt a lot as a starter course.
1 year ago
This course has opened my eyes to looking at astrology differently to what I thought it was. Really helpful. Thank you Francis.
2 years ago
Although I have always had an interest in Astrology I have never really understood how it works, essentially I’m a total beginner. I found this course highly informative and easy to follow, the example birth charts made it very interesting. I now understand the essential component parts that make up the basics of astrology and will certainly be enrolling onto the next stage. This is a great course for beginners just like me.
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