Discover Proper Astrology series books

Discover Proper Astrology series books

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Discover Proper AstrologyDiscover Proper Astrology | 400x96 image is a series of six bitesize self-help books on the art of Western astrology.

These books are for the beginner and professional alike, providing all the tools you’ll need to get started on understanding Western natal astrology – and/or to get better at using it.

It is particularly intended to help the individual join the adventure of discovering and learning to apply this amazing system in their own life.

Covers all the basics and more…

The series examples a number of birth-charts, covers interpretation of the ten planets, signs, angles, houses and aspects. And importantly offers help on reading birthcharts.

These books are also intended to help set the record straight regarding the public’s poor general awareness and preconceived notions of astrology. Research and the argument for how modern astrology works are also covered.

Series titles

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Book 1: What is Proper Astrology?

Book1 DPA | 200x96 imageSo what is Proper Astrology?
If you think astrology is the “Stars” that you can read about in the papers, magazines or on the Web, think again. That’s a poor representation of the real stuff. But people do buy into it. Even sceptics mistake it for the real thing. This first book in the Discover Proper Astrology series deals with identifying what proper astrology is about, what it offers; along with the attitudes and misconceptions people have about it. It also examines two useful examples of birth-charts – that of Mozart and Agatha Christie.


Book 2: Getting Around the Zodiac

Book2 DPA | 200x96 imageFinding your way around the zodiac.
It might surprise you but did you know there are no stars in the Western zodiac? It is not built on the star constellations. Did you know that there is a perfectly good reason why there are only 12 zodiac signs – and that they are in the order they are in for a perfectly good reason too?

Well whether you did or didn’t you can find answers to these questions and more through this book. Getting Around the Zodiac (the second book in the Discover Proper Astrology series) is all about the zodiac signs used in Western natal astrology. It covers the matrix of the signs – the fundamentals that the sign interpretation is built upon. It covers their cyclic narrative and their interpretation.

Book 3: The Planets Suite

Book3 DPA | 200x96 imageIt is not enough to study your Star sign (or Sun sign) and think you have a handle on who you are… There is a lot more to it than that. This book, The Planets Suite covers all ten of the main planets used in Western natal astrology. These are the planets that you need to know about if you really want to get a handle on who you are through astrology. Here you will learn of their rulership and their interpretation. You’ll learn useful astronomical facts about them, and just as important their relationship with each other – that is their aspects.

The book is packed full of useful information that you can use in deciphering your own birth-chart.

Book 4: An Angle on the Houses

Book4 DPA | 200x96 imageIt’s not just about zodiac signs and planets; a proper astrology birth-chart will also include four angles and twelve houses. Indeed, two major components of any modern birth-chart are the angles, followed by the houses. An Angle on the Houses covers these in depth. The angles and houses provide a mundane zodiac representing twelve big departments of life. They bring things down to an earthly and human focus, and can change the way a planet needs to be understood.

So for instance, you could have your Sun in Leo but don’t find you fit in with any star sign Leo description that you’ve read. Meanwhile in the bigger picture, your birth-chart, it indicates you also have Virgo rising and your Sun is actually in the 12th House as a result. This could imply a very different kettle of fish in interpretation, in how you are likely to express your energy – and enormous insight into yourself.

Book 5: Reading the Birth-chart

Book5 DPA | 200x96 imageGoing from knowing the meaning of one’s Sun sign (or Star sign) to knowing the meaning of ten planets across 12 signs and 12 houses can be challenging, even daunting, especially so when first starting out. But this is the exciting adventure of learning proper astrology. And the more you explore and practice the better you get at how to read birth-charts.

To help you in your quest, and in developing your abilities, Reading the Birth-chart provides two approaches. It provides a means of getting a quick overview or feel of a birth-chart. And it also provides a more thorough and structured approach to carrying out a reading. While it will not make you adept in providing astrological readings by itself, it will show you how it is done. In other words it is a manual, providing you with the mechanics of the process – up to a professional level.

Book 6: You Need to Know This

Book6 DPA | 200x96 imageIt probably goes without saying that astrology is not embraced by everyone. It has more than its share of critics and also, dare it be said, prejudice against it. Much of this is born out of ignorance. This often becomes obvious when a critic’s knowledge on astrology is tested. The general ignorance of astrology was an important part of the motivation behind this series.

This book You Need to Know This covers some of the issues modern astrology faces, with examples from the Christian Church and the scientific community. In context it looks at research, and particularly at one huge piece of research that supports elements of astrological theory – and is currently denied by science. It also describes how modern astrology is believed to work – with additional thoughts (by the author) on how Time may play its part in this. A list of books, and links to further exploration and structured study, are also provided.

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