If there is a god why does he not intervene in stopping mad people from killing and blowing people up? (Nancy U.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoHi Nancy. That’s a great question. It’s the kind of question that puzzles a lot of us – and turns some of us to become atheists – myself included in the conventional way of looking at things.[ Why does god not intervene ]

It is also a very apt question at this time when globally there is a lot of darkness and death being caused by humans. One might ask, why should any god intervene in the mess we (okay a few of us) are creating.

I’ll give you my answer to this. But I suspect you may have difficulty accepting it. [ Why does god not intervene ]

There is no god!

There is no god in the way that the god of religion is portrayed. Certainly it is no guy, made in the likeness of ourselves, up in the clouds. I have said similar elsewhere in these responses.

There is, I believe, Love at the source of everything, and we are an eternal part of that Love – no matter how dark, deadly and primitive our actions.[ Why does god not intervene ]

In the process of awakening

We are all in the process of awakening. We have, as a result, freedom of choice. We in turn carry responsibility for our actions. And we do reap what we sow, for good or ill. [ Why does god not intervene ]

We all, I believe, have to redress the balance of our former actions before we can move on – and our current lives will reflect where we are with our learning. Learn about “karma” to understand this.

That said, I do believe in the possibility of what we’d call “divine intervention” – eminating from the source. Love conquers all – I believe that to be true. We will eventually learn to heal our wounds and live in peace, with Love at the centre of our existence. [ Why does god not intervene ]

I hope this helps – a bit at least. I cover karma in my Life and Death book by the way.

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