Christmas Past book

The Christmas Past book

The Christmas Past book offers the intriguing stories behind why and how we celebrate Christmas – and includes astrology around the birth of Jesus.

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This is a great way to pass the time at Christmas. But before you settle down to your seasonal read; consider the following – did you know:

  • Jesus was probably born seven years before the date we have set for his birth?
  • Christmas was celebrated before it became part of the Christian calendar?
  • The “Star of Bethlehem” was not a star after all…?
  • Did you know: There was an astrological prediction, heralding the arrival of a warrior king/messiah, that was made back in ancient times, well before Jesus was born?
  • Did you know: Santa Claus and Father Christmas are not one and the same person?

Whether you did or didn’t know the answers to these questions, I’m sure you’ll find the exploration around them of interest, food for thought – in  this eBook.

The Christmas Past book contains six commentaries that cover:

  • A Merry Secular Christmas — the way we tend to treat Christmas now.
  • Father Christmas — who was Father Christmas, or Santa Claus?
  • A Merry Pagan Yuletide — what lies behind the time of year chosen for Christmas?
  • From Mithras to Christmas — could another infant birth could have been born at this time of year, and before Jesus?
  • Christmas and Jesus’ Birth — the gospels for their take on the Magi, and the birth of Jesus.
  • Astrology and the Birth of a Messiah — the Star of Bethlehem from an astrological perspective.

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While our Christmas’s have shifted away from the spiritual to reinforcing the bounty of the material side of life, in truth we need the bounty of both. It is not a one or the other situation.

If we entertain the notion that the material things of life are all we need to be happy, at peace with life, then, I’d venture to suggest we are deluding ourselves. We are missing the point…

What some people have said about the Christmas Past book

A fascinating read, this compact book is ideal as a virtual stocking filler!
I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to read this book. But, encouraged by an enthusiastic friend, the user-friendly length, and tantalized by the beautiful cover, with Santa’s hat slung jauntily over part of the title, I decided to give it a go.

And by the time I’d read a couple of chapters, I was hooked and, despite the late hour, didn’t want to put it down!

Annie L.

Great book for delving a little deeper on the traditions surrounding Christmas
There aren’t many books that explore into the lore and logic behind Christmas traditions. This book is a must have for anyone who wants to delve into the why’s behind some Christmas traditions – especially the ones that have never made sense to me! Everyone knows about Father Christmas being a bastardisation of a catholic St Nicholas; but I had no idea about the stories around St Nicholas, or that he hails from so long ago in history! The level of detail the author goes into felt just right for my needs, I like to know the how’s and why’s behind things so I can get a better understanding of how we got to where we are today. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to dig a little deeper around Christmas traditions or for teaching your children that there’s more to Christmas than they’re taught in school.

Fraser J Robinson

A Christmas ‘Present’ with a twist

I am familiar with a number of ‘insights’ notably the discussion regarding the date of Jesus’ birth and the historical background to some of the Christmas traditions. What I particularly like about Christmas Past is the linking together of the role Christmas plays today, the Gospel accounts – in particular the visit of the Magi – astrologers from the East, the adoption of Christianity by Constantine placing the Christmas story on the world stage and significantly the author’s own expertise in Astrology giving a different perspective on the visit of the three wise men. This is an easy, enjoyable read and a very appropriate Christmas ‘Present’.

Pat S.

Fascinating exploration that provides much food for thought

A fascinating exploration of the many and varied reasons why we celebrate Christmas, considered from different viewpoints.
I particularly enjoyed the mix of historical and astrological reasoning, leaving the reader with questions to consider and ponder, rather than finite answers.
The writer takes a balanced approach; guiding the reader through the different commentaries, offering evidence and explanation without bias.
This is the perfect book for those with an interest in Christmas beyond the nativity story or the kindly old man in the red suit.


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ISBN: 978-0-9934626-7-2 (EPUB version)

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