How many UFOs logged to warrant action ?

How many separate reports or observations have to be logged, before a UFO sighting warrants any action at the local, state or federal level? If this minimum threshold is met, what action is taken and by whom? (J.T.) Interesting question

Proof or evidence of extraterrestrial life

Is there any proof or evidence of extraterrestrial life existence? (Troy D) Thanks for your interesting question. [ Proof or evidence of extraterrestrial life ] Troy, it depends on what proof you need. There is video proof, anecdotal proof, circumstantial

Anyone seen a genuine UFO

Has anyone seen a genuine UFO? What was it like? (Quora question) My answer on Quora Yes I have seen UFOs on more than one occasion. Here’s one that took place in Leicestershire UK – before Chinese lanterns and drones.

Do you believe UFOs exist?

Do you really believe that UFOs exist? I’m very sceptical but a recent experience has given me some food for thought. (Don M.) Hello Don, thank you for your question. Well you don’t mention what that experience is, or was.