Does ET exist?

Does ET exist? What percentage of ET’s in existence are we aware of so far? My answer to this Quora question follows – what’s yours?  Good questions. In answer to your first question: Yes I certainly believe ET exists Life is teeming here and it makes complete sense that there is life, and intelligent life …

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Anyone seen a genuine UFO

Has anyone seen a genuine UFO? What was it like? (Quora question) Yes I have seen UFOs on more than one occasion. Here’s one that took place in Leicestershire UK – before Chinese lanterns and drones became the explanation. [ Anyone seen a genuine UFO ] What’s that!? Back in September 1966, around 10pm, I was …

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Do you believe UFOs exist?

Do you really believe that UFOs exist? I’m very sceptical but a recent experience has given me some food for thought. (Don M.) Hello Don, thank you for your question. Well you don’t mention what that experience is, or was. In context I’m anticipating that in asking this question you are really angling as to …

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