Do you believe that stuff happens for a reason? I don’t. There is good, there is bad, and there is in-between. Can we justify bad stuff happening?

New Q & A iconDo you believe that stuff happens for a reason?

This is an important question. My answer to it is “Yes” I do “believe that stuff happens for a reason.”  To get to an understanding of my argument, one has to look behind/beneath externals.

All meaningful and dynamic

I believe we live in dynamic and “meaningful” circumstances.Do you believe that stuff happens for a reason?

Describing things as good or bad is a judgement call we make on what is happening to ourselves or to others – particularly when we do or don’t feel in control of our lives.

We come into the world at a point in time and place and from there the journey starts. We start giving form to what and who we are to become, or what, in other words, we need to learn.

We are at the centre of our own drama and we need then to awake to the following ancient advice:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him…

The Dhammapada


What we are otherwise talking about here is “karma” – or in modern parlance the Law of Attraction.Do you believe that stuff happens for a reason?

Karma is neither good nor bad. It is like electricity or fire or gravity; it depends on how we use it. We are inclined to attract people, events and outcomes according to our nature, our thought patterns, our actions and our timing – in modern parlance, our “resonance” with the world around us.

There is also the karma created by our family, our relationships, our town, our country, our culture. So it is not always so easy to have clarity and control over what we create and what happens to us. As an example, imagine living in one of the fear-ridden regimes operating around the world at this time. Millions of us live in fear, and, arguably because of it, we attract fear on fear.

What we can do as individuals

As individuals it is vitally important to be conscious of how our thoughts, particularly at a subconscious level, can attract what we do or don’t want in our lives. It is important to keep our thoughts and resonance (with our world) up there, positive, to attract good and wholesome outcomes.

But we also need to time our endeavours. Study astrology and you will discover that we are not as free “free agents” as we would like to think we are. We live in time constraints and we need to learn to move with time and the tide around us.

Have a read of my book, Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace. I say a lot more there regarding using hypnosis and creative thought to help change outcomes. Its free and available from major online stores or here. If you want to learn more astrology keep an eye out for a course I will be running from this year.

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