Do you believe that there are gates on Earth to other dimensions?

My answer to a Quora question – what’s yours?

New Q & A iconYes I believe so.

We assume this world to be solid but in my understanding (read quantum theory for evidence) it is energy vibrating at a certain low level or frequency.

There are other levels for sure. In the ancient understanding these levels, or dimensions, are the physical, the etheric, the astral and mental. There are also more dimensions considered in the esoteric system of belief.

The boundaries between each are thin but the frequency keeps them in place – like one radio station does not interfere with another.

Following the radio analogy; move the dial slightly and you can get into an area of interference and may easily slip into another station – or otherwise, dimension.

It seems under unusual circumstances, holes, or vortices, can appear on the boundaries that will allow traffic to come and go, and you might call these “gates.”

These appear to occur naturally in places (Sedona is said to have such vortices (or vortexes). In other respects it may be places that have a history. Haunted houses and places of negative energies (created by us) are likely contenders.

I would say, again, it is in my understanding, that entities operating at the finer levels of love do not need a gateway per se to come visit. Souls at a lower level, vibrating higher than the physical but lower in terms of their intention, may need a doorway to be opened for them.

Interstellar travel

I wrote about some of this in my book, Love’s Story of Why We Are Here. But there I also cover possible use of portals or stargates as a means of interstellar travel.

In context you might find this NASA report on such gateways of interest – and a less esoteric. These gateways are not on the Earth itself, but not far off it.

You might consider that a lot of unexplained phenomena may be better understood if we could get a handle on gateways. That would include the UFO phenomenon too.

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