How can I be happy?

How can I be happy? A question asked by Adesina J.

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My suggestion is not to look for happiness – it will find you.

Look to gaining inner peace in yourself.

My short recipe for success

I seem to be responding to a number of questions regarding personal darkness, sadness, happiness, unhappiness and lack of confidence. So much so that I’ve now put a short recipe together to hopefully help.

This is not a cure for any emotional baggage or wounding but it will help one to cope, to build confidence, and possibly even help heal such wounding, once underlying issues are being dealt with.

You know, often, when things seem at their bleakest, it is the moment of greatest opportunity for an insight into yourself – that could change your life for the better.

Home/environment: I hope you have a nice place to live in, but if not build harmony into it. Remove clutter for example. Give the place a spring-clean. Get some plants into your environment. Perhaps get a cat or dog.

Work on you: My general recommendation is to keep your energies up there through meditation, laughter, inspiring music, good friends, exercise and getting out into the fresh air.
I’d recommend trying self-hypnosis and exploring creative visualisation – see links below.

Also take a risk or two – don’t linger for too long in the comfort zone.

Also consider pondering some of the bigger questions regarding your life – and life more broadly. We live in a remarkable situation on a planet moving through space. We sometimes forget where we are.
In my view we sometimes forget we are spiritual beings.

I hope this helps.

Some resources:

Here are some resources that I would suggest you look into. They will help.
Article: Self Help Self-hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion
Article/links: Self-help, Self-hypnosis Downloads.
Article: How to find your Self.
Article/links: Twelve inspirational life books
Book: Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn. Find on Amazon and elsewhere.

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