What is set out in your life plan before being born?

Sara V.

New Q & A iconThanks for your question Sara. This is my take on this matter…

The reason we come back to the Earth – or elsewhere for that matter – is to make spiritual progress. To undo/put right the mistakes of the past. And to become more awake, more conscious, more loving beings.

I believe all of life is heading this way.

It is to take ourselves back to Love, as I describe it in my Love’s Story of Why We Are Here book.

So the life plan will depend upon what the soul needs to experience or learn in a meaningful way towards making progress.

As each one of us is unique, so each life plan will be so.

The kind of things set out will likely include which gender the soul becomes; the timing and year of birth; the place and culture the soul will grow up in.

It will include the parent/s and possible siblings – possibly these are souls our particular soul has experienced being with before,

It will include certain milestones in the soul’s learning/travels that it needs to synchronise with and/or complete on.

It will most probably include bringing talents to bear that the soul has learnt through previous experience.

And more…

Life plan and actuality

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” Allen Saunders

But bear in mind we are talking life plan not actuality. We get into human form and in adjusting to our new situation we are likely to lose touch with our intentions. The human form slows our vibration down. We grow into who we are becoming, and come to identify with the form. We may still fulfil a lot (pershaps all) of what we came to do through self-remembering, or just by our good nature drawing us in the right direction.

Most of us develop baggage that gets in the way of our freeing ourselves from what Hindu and Buddhists see as the wheel of samsara. So progress can be slow.

No matter, there are celebrations all around when we make a little progress in the right direction. And there will always be another opportunity to get in right.

But progress does become more urgent as we become more awake to our spiritual situation. Going back to sleep becomes less of an option – and that can be where a real struggle between soul, pulling us up, and physical form, pulling us down, begins to take place.

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