When you die do your emotions stay with you forever?

When you die do your emotions stay with you forever? A question from Nina X, answered on Quora.

New Q & A iconThanks for your very interesting question. I hope I am reading it correctly in terms of what you are seeking to find out. I’m going to split it into two parts. 

Here’s my understanding on the matter/s you raise.

1. When you die do your emotions stay with you/your soul?

When you die you leave your physical body, and move off in what is called your etheric body or vehicle.

The etheric vehicle is a much finer version of your physical body. It is a light body. It is often described as a replica of the physical body but in actuality the physical body is a replica of it.

It will have aged in appearance along with the physical body so it will look like you but, should you need to, this can be changed once you know how.

You will have all your faculties. Indeed you will be much clearer in thought, feelings and vision etc. Everything will be in sharper focus. You will no longer be restricted by the limitations of the physical body.

Indeed, if your physical body was in poor shape or diseased in some way – say for instance it had Alzheimers – once out of it you would be soon enough free of the disease and clear-headed as a result.

2. When you die do your emotions stay with your soul forever?

Your soul will carry on being as Nina for as long as you/it needs. It can also always access past experience should it need to.

However, given your soul will want/need to visit the Earth in physical form again, in another life, the chances are you will not be Nina next time but someone else. You will be a different person, possibly in a different part of the world, and working with the new opportunity of experience towards rounding out your spiritual endeavours. 

I know I’m mixing up “you” and your “soul” as one and the same – it is and it isn’t. It helps sometimes to see your soul as an actor that will play many parts on its journey to awakening and returning back to Love. Nina is one of those parts.

I hope my answer is of help to you.

If you want to find out more about the soul and its vehicles, as we understand them to be, take a read of The Soul Question chapter in my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It.

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