How do you get over a fear of death? (Quora question)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoYou don’t really get over a “fear of death” in the way that you might think is required. [ Get over fear of death ]

No one is greatly keen on a major change such as death brings – unless we are in control of it.

If you were suddenly told that you had to drop everything you are doing and move to the other side of the world today, or tomorrow, I suspect you would be a little disturbed by the thought of it – especially if you were leaving behind family and friends too. I know I would. [ Get over fear of death ]

What you can do is prepare for death, for that sudden shift that will come one day. Study it. It’s mostly taboo in our culture, and avoided. There’s a lot of unnecessary fear around it because of ignorance and, dare I say, religion. [ Get over fear of death ]

Add that to the change it invokes and you have a recipe for foreboding and panic. If you study it, you’ll find you have been through it before. This is the place (in time) where death exists – it doesn’t on the Other Side. But we come here to learn something and grow spiritually – and take the risk of the pain of dying, of apparent separation.

If you really do decide to study it, take a read of my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It. You can buy it most places online. You can get the Introduction and the second chapter for FREE here – you can also buy the book here. [ Get over fear of death ]

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