What is the precise distinction between the soul and the spirit in man? (A J)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoInteresting question A J. [ Distinction between soul and spirit ]

I think I am going to disappoint you regarding a “precise distinction.”

Firstly I don’t see a difference between soul and spirit. Obviously you do, in forming your question.

Secondly, as this is a vibrational thing, nothing can be that precisely defined. To me they are interchangeable names – I might also use “Higher Self.”

I liken the soul and its vehicles as being like an onion. The physical vehicle is the lowest vibration, the etheric vehicle is higher, the astral and mental vehicles (as at best we can make an educated guess at their existence from this physical level) higher yet.

The higher vibrational vehicles cannot be placed in a spatial, or time, dimension so cannot really be known other than by their effects – like the planet Neptune could (when first discovered in 1846) only be known by its effects on Uranus.* [ Distinction between soul and spirit ]

Ths soul itself is all of these and nothing. It cannot be identified in the way we would identify the heart of an onion. And yet it is what travels from life to life.

I hope this helps, if not precisely! [ Distinction between soul and spirit ]

*Although, in truth, the planet had been observed before that time – by Galileo no less.


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