What was it like to see a loved one die before your eyes? (Andre F.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoHello Andre, thanks for your question. [ See a loved one die before your eyes ]

I can’t really answer this question directly for you – regarding seeing a loved one die “before your eyes.”

Even so I can chip in on “what was it like” for a loved one to die.

I’ve had three members of my immediate family die, at different times. These included my parents and one of my sisters. I wasn’t at their side when any of them died.

Their deaths affected me in different ways. The toughest was my mother’s passing. The last time I saw her, not long before she died, it was clear she knew she would be going soon.

She actually chose the moment to go when no one was around – I truly get that. I learnt of her death (by phonecall) five minutes before I had to teach a class. I went through with the teaching, if more than a little distracted. [ See a loved one die before your eyes ]

When my father died, many years before, I arranged to get involved with back-filling the grave. It was something I wanted to do. The gravedigger knew him and, when the ceremony was over and everyone had departed, we were able to get on with the job, and talk a bit about him. It felt good.

From my perspective it is the loss of physical contact that has been most difficult to deal with. Time does heal though. [ See a loved one die before your eyes ]

Let me add that I firmly believe that I will meet up with them again. Death is only the physical body falling away.

I hope this helps.

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