How long does it take to get over the sudden death of a parent?
(Daphne L)

New Q & A iconDaphne, unfortunately this is like asking how long is a piece of string.[ Get over the sudden death of a parent ]

It is going to be different for each of us. Much depends upon how close the person “is” to you.

I didn’t use “was” there because I believe the person has moved out of the physical and is still around, but now living on the other side of the world – or as good as regards ease of communication.

If you had a good rapport with them then you may get hints and clues that all is well.

Time does help to heal the loss, and also what one believes can help to help to heal the loss.

If you are able to, let go of any regrets, any anger and any guilt regarding what you, or they, could/should have done or said. Get bereavement counselling should you need it.

Crying is good

Keep a check on your body health. Often stuff that we push down or deny will come out through the body. You need to take care of yourself in other words. Let it out. [ Get over the sudden death of a parent ]

If necessary, drip-feed goodness back into your life. When strong enough start a diet of good food, good friends, good memories, good music, good walks, and good laughter. Anything that lifts your vibration to help you to move on. [ Get over the sudden death of a parent ]

By the way, both of my parents have died. I believe I will get the chance to see them again and have a natter.

If you are interested in my view of death, get hold of my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It. I think you will find it nourishing if challenging in places.

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