Why do people take so long to get over the death of a dear one? (J. B.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoYou didn’t specify how long. :0) Why take so long to get over death of dear one

Isn’t it obvious!?

If you or I die tomorrow one of us could say, well I didn’t know the other person so it means nothing to me. Life goes on…

If someone you casually know dies it could be you take interest, but are not necessarily that touched or moved by it. Why take so long to get over death of dear one

Well to cut to the chase: If someone you love dies, and particularly unexpectedly, well that could be devastating and take a very long time to get used to.

If one believes in the afterlife, as I do, this belief helps one to find calm, and be philosophical, regards the loss not being forever. It may still be very painful in the immediate term.

If one doesn’t believe in an afterlife, well then the loss of a loved one is also believed to be permanent – except in memory. Why take so long to get over death of dear one

This can leave real emptiness, a hole that can’t be so easily filled or healed.

I argue, in context, it is healthier, and more logical, to believe in the afterlife than not. Have a read of this article – Shades of Pascal’s Wager to find why.

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