Something creepy going on

Something creepy going on
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A person, we’ll call “K,” wrote to me with the following concern:

Hey, sorry to bother you but I have a question about spirits.

I recently moved into this state and moved into this house a year ago. In my room(though i didn’t feel it when I just moved in, over time I felt that something was there) I feel a unknown presence around me and I also see weird images in and outside of my head. I’ve also noticed weird things happening in my room, such as misplacing objects. I’ve also had a time where I’ve felt continuous chills every minute yet there was nothing there(or at least I saw nothing).

The images I see in and outside of my head are pretty random yet really common(referring that it happens often) and they look really creepy or would look creepy to others, as an artist who draws unusual things I only saw them as art inspirations at first, but I’ve been seeing these weird, unusual images for while and I’m starting to worry. I see dark images when I walk around the house as well(I’m starting to think I’m crazy).

I know nothing about spirits so I have no idea who I should ask about this, please help me if you can. Is it a good or bad spirit? Can I be friends with it or should I try to get rid of it? I don’t know what I should do.


Hello K, I’m sorry to hear of your situation. It could be residual energy that you are describing but it sounds like, from your description that it could be intelligent – there is some interaction taking place.

My general view is that if this is a real entity and it is scaring you, is menacing in any way (such as in its appearance), it is not nice and is not something you should try to make friends with, period.

What to do… Bring as much light and joy into your home as you can. Remove clutter, introduce plants, flowers, lights, laughter, music, let the house breathe and feel loved.

You may need to be strong and tell any entity to leave your home – don’t play games with it or be impressed by it, just be straight. Walk around the house and state your claim to it. If you have a bell then ring it as you enter each room.

Find out from neighbours if they know of any events that have taken place in the house before you arrived there. If it is intelligent it may be a person who previously lived in the house and has not moved on since they passed over. Some people cannot accept that they have died and go about their routines as if everything was the same as before they died. Knowing this could help you to deal with it – might even set your mind at rest a little.

If your art is dealing in dark elements you may need to modify it, at least during this time. It won’t be helping your mental state. You need to rest, and you may need to sleep in another room if your current bedroom has signs of activity.

Probably most importantly, get someone in who can cleanse your house. You should find a medium or a group in your area who deal with the paranormal. What you really need in that context is someone who can cleanse your house for you and not just turn up to measure paranoral activity. Here’s a link that might help you with further advice: What To Do If You Live In A Haunted House.

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