If ghosts did exist what would they be made of?

If ghosts did exist what would they be made of? Some form of plasma, an electromagnetic field? Something else?

Troy M

New Q & A iconWell firstly I believe that ghosts do exist. I’ve had experience of at least two that I could see, and one that I couldn’t see, doing stuff around me.

The two that I saw I would describe as “playbacks.” In other words they were not interactive but rather like records that played back under certain circumstances. I might add that the one I couldn’t see was interactive – I had a sense of it playing games with me to wind me up.

I’ve written about these experiences in my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It, so I won’t discuss these further here.

My best description of what ghosts are made of is “energy” for want of a more accurate description.

Mind you in saying that, Einstein described all matter as energy so I’m in good company using that term.
Plasma and/or electromagnetism might play a part. I think it fairer to say it is the manipulation of energy, by the given entity, where there is such a dynamic presence, rather than seeing the entity itself.

Some ghosts are souls stuck in their situation – what is called earthbound. Whatever ghosts are made of I believe it is important to keep an open mind on the topic of their existence.

Not seeing the wood for the trees

It is easy for us to fall into the assumption that by gauging what we see around us, using mainly our physical senses, that we have the full picture of existence. We know (referring back to Einstein) this is not true. And, if anything, quantum mechanics demonstrates the point.

We should be careful to remember this lifestuff is awesome and remarkable in itself. It can manifest in a multitude of forms – in meeting supply and demand. We exist in it and as part of it – and that is our problem regards seeing the wood for the trees.

I’d suggest the paranormal takes up an area on the natural spectrum of life. What we call “normal” or “paranormal” however are constructs of our own making. I could describe the whole life experience as paranormal – and often do.

If someone asked me to build an ant, get it up and running with a degree of autonomy, and the capacity to learn new stuff, I wouldn’t know where to begin. The natural world doesn’t have this problem, it does it, or the intelligence behind it does, but we awakening humans do have the problem.

We may only be scratching the surface of the life spectrum. I believe we are – in early days! But open minds really are essential to begin to “get it.”

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