Some big questions on reincarnation

Some big questions on reincarnation

“Some big questions on reincarnation” is a series of quick-fire questions I answered on Quora – what’s your answer to any of these?

Some big questions on reincarnation | New Q & A iconIs there anything that has ever happened to you that makes you think reincarnation may be real?


I have had a series of experiences (and followup study) that led me to believe that the world as presented to me by my upbringing, religion and education etc is not the whole picture.

Indeed in many respects it is in denial of the whole picture.

I was already starting to take interest in what was out there, on the fringes, when I got to meet up with a husband and wife team who were also mediums.

To cut a long story short, I travelled over to see them on two occasions. On one occasion I was introduced to my guides. They told me of three previous lives that are contributing to my (soul’s) current life.

What they told me tied in very closely with the nuts and bolts of my experience of this life. They discussed other matters too.

I accepted the information they gave me. It just served to confirm what I was already coming to believe.

By the way I wrote a full account of those previous lives in my book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It.

You leave this world before your grandchild is conceived. Is it then possible to come back as your grandchild?

Samuel E.


In the mechanics of reincarnation, as we understand them, it is entirely possible for this to happen.

It is believed that we can and do reincarnate in groups – family groups – and in generations. And we may change roles, change genders etc., within those groupings – we probably will.

But, let us not overlook that the reason we come back here at all is meaningful – not just for the adventure.

We may be drawn back with unfinished business but it is always to provide opportunity to advance in our learning, our awakening.

Research into reincarnation by Dr Ian Stevenson and Virginia Uni have estimated that the average span between death and reincarnation of a person, with past life memory, is four and half years – that would work.

I hope this helps.

Do we reincarnate into the same person again?

No – is my answer.

It is our soul that reincarnates (not we) according to what it needs to learn/experience – on its journey to conscious/love/understanding.

You or I are a situation our souls are in right now at this time. A different time will be a different situation – maybe a different gender and in a different part of the world.

Is it true that the early Christians, that is, the Christians of the time of Jesus believed in reincarnation?

I believe so.

Study the New Testament and you’ll find hints.

But to get a real insight look into the early Christian Father, Origen. Check out his transmigration of souls belief – and how the Church eventually treated him and his followers.

I’d suggest his treatment was political rather than anything to do with our spiritual reality.

I have no doubt that Jesus would have been influenced by Hindu and Buddhist traditions – and probably even travelled to India.

Would you want to reincarnate?

Consider this: You won’t reincarnate – your soul will.

In that respect it doesn’t matter what you or I want or don’t want.

Neither of us will be back again in the form we are in…

In another life your (or my) soul will have come back for the experience and learning. It may be of a different gender and be born in another part of the world to where you or I were born or are currently living.

It may indeed be born in another part of the universe…

Can I be reincarnated as God?

I’d say you are the living god already – you (or we) just do not recognise it.

If we die as humans, will we be reborn as another being in another galaxy?

We could be – or we (soul we) could be back here in physical form again.

In my belief it all depends upon what souls need to learn/experience in their journey towards consciousness/love.

Note that I believe we can only come back at the same or (potentially) higher level of consciousness – no point in going backwards into lower forms of life, from the human level.

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