A couple of Soul questions

A couple of Soul questions I’ve answered on Quora

A couple of Soul questions | New Q & A iconDo you consider yourself an old soul?

An interesting question. Thank you for it.

To give my answer (I hope you will get others), I’m going to assume what you mean by “old soul” is someone who has been around the block a few times – possibly wise beyond their age. Someone who has had a number of lives on the Earth.

In esoteric speak, we often talk about “young souls,” those of us who are newly arrived on the Earth.

But here’s my take…

Leaving aside what I might say in common parlance, there really is no such thing as young or old soul.

Yes there are souls with more experience and learning than others. Some of us have certainly been around the block, possibly more than was necessary.

The soul itself though exists outside of time – it does not age. It can only get more conscious, more awake, a more loving being – or not, if it is heading south instead.

I hope this helps.

How do plants reincarnate?

My belief is that the soul of plants, and animals for that matter, recycle/return here very quickly, and in the same form.

However, as I also believe that every lifeform is heading towards consciousness – following the path of least resistance – at some point lifeforms will jump forward in evolution and become something else on what I’m calling the Soul Ladder.

Love's Story | 300x96 imageIf interested, I say a lot more on the soul and awakening in my book, Love’s Story of Why We Are Here or find it on Amazon.

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