How do you communicate with spirits?

How do you communicate with spirits? A question I answered on Quora.

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I don’t personally communicate with spirits – not in any obvious sense as yet. I have contacts who do and I have certainly experienced talking to spirits (my guides) through them.

My contacts would describe themselves as “trance mediums.” They rely on a person on the other side to act as a gatekeeper for who is let through.

The person who comes through then talks or acts through them. They have carried through a lot of medical diagnosis (of their audience) and healing as a result.

Keep in mind, from my perspective, you are a spirit first and foremost, and communicating with other spirits, in some respects, is no different from communicating with other people.

There are people who attract you and who you would want to communicate with, and there are those who don’t attract you – or who you might avoid completely.

You have to be open to such communications with spirits, and it requires a particular kind of strength and control that you will find in people who do this.

One can learn to be a medium and there are courses out there for people who want to learn.
A quick search on the web and I found this article which may also help you.

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