What is the point of reincarnation? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I believe my soul will be in a better place once I die so why would I want to come back here? (L. B.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoThanks for your question LB. Let me start by saying that I’m wondering if you are coming from an orthodox religious persuasion (one of the Abrahamic religions) in asking this question – or in the way you have phrased it. I’m guessing you might be. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

The reason I’m considering it this way is because the Abrahamic religions (ostensibly at least) are opposed to reincarnation, or rebirth, and instead believe in our having one life only. Given this position though it would be fair to ask a similar question back: What is the point of having just the one life? [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

Let me explain: We are talking theoretically of a life that may only last a week for one of us, while for another it lasts a hundred years. At the end of life, whatever its length, in this system of belief, we are judged as to whether we are suitable for heaven, hell or possibly purgatory.

But on this basis, as outlined, who has a better chance of getting into heaven. Is it the baby who survived for only a week, or the person who lived for a hundred years and had a better chance of messing things up, or getting things right?

Would you say the baby has the best chance of heaven? If you choose the baby does that not suggest it is better we all live for as short a time as possible, if we want to get into heaven? I think it does.

As I see it, the Abrahamic concept of one life, followed by judgement, is meaningless. It needs revising, updating. For me there are two reasons we come, or return, here to the Earth.

Reason One

The first reason is because we are souls (or “spirits” if you’d prefer). This is our natural form, a part of Love. We are learning to be more loving and less separate from each other. We test ourselves in this treacle of time, this place of resistance. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

We have, as the Buddhists frequently point out, to let go of our attachment to the world. If we invest in what is transcient, the illusion, it will always fail us. It is, by nature, ever changing and cannot be held onto for long, no matter how hard we grasp onto it.

Everything around us, and what we own, is caught up in change, is in flux. Things are born, or made, and things die or decay. And things are reborn or made again.

In our short physical lives we mostly fail to get this learning, this understanding under our belts. It is not easy to apply even when we grasp the idea. In a given life we may make some, or a lot of progress, or we may even go in the opposite direction – getting more engrossed in the world and its eventual pain and suffering.

Whatever, we are drawn back to repair the damage, to balance the books, to try again, and make the best of opportunity to free ourselves from being ensnared in the world – to become more rounded, awake, and loving beings. I would add that this planet is not the only place we may spend time on, in our learning. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

Reason Two

The second reason is because I believe we have a remit to help each other and the Earth. It’s not all about the proverbial “meme.” In other words, there is collective work to be done.

You can find out a lot more regarding Reason One from my first book; Life and Death: Making Sense of It. For Reason Two, I am currently writing a book that will explain my perspective on this matter.

By the way I hope you will be in a “better place” once you die – and have arrived at a state where you don’t need to return here. [ What is the point of reincarnation ]

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