Did you ever contact ‘the other side?’ What was your experience like? (A question in Quora)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoYes I have contacted the Other Side. [ Contact the Other Side ]

People who are friends of mine are mediums and, some years back, they invited me up to their home in Hull (where they lived at the time) for a chat with the their communicators on the Other Side.

I spoke to guides (there were four of them) and I learnt about three of my (soul’s) past lives (in context with this life), and also a hint of a person I needed to meet up with in this life – who I have indeed met up with since. [ Contact the Other Side ]

The experience itself was mixed – a bit disturbing and exciting and wonderful at the same time. I was, back then, still sceptical of such experience/information. Also it is not something one does every day.

Even so, what I was told so meshed in with my current life experience that I couldn’t ignore it.

If interested in what I was told of my three lives, I wrote about them in Life and Death: Making Sense of It. [ Contact the Other Side ]

In the book, one of the two mediums (Andrea) has also answered a series of questions regarding being on the Other Side. Questions like: Would we look the same age over there as we do here; or do we live in houses over there; or how do we get around.

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