Did you ever contact ‘the other side?’

What was your experience like?

“Did you ever contact the Other Side?’ What was your experience like?” A question I answered on Quora

New Q & A iconYes I have had contact with the Other Side.

People who are friends of mine are mediums and, some years back, they invited me up to their home in Hull (where they lived at the time) for a chat with the their communicators on the Other Side.

I spoke to guides (there were four of them) and I learnt about three of my (soul’s) past lives (in context with this life), and also a hint of a person I needed to meet up with in this life – who I have indeed met up with since. 

The experience itself was mixed – a bit disturbing and exciting and wonderful at the same time. I was, back then, still sceptical of such experience/information. Also it is not something one does every day.

Even so, what I was told so meshed in with my current life experience that I couldn’t ignore it.

If interested in what I was told of my three lives, I wrote about them in Life and Death: Making Sense of It.

In the book, one of the two mediums (Andrea) has also answered a series of questions regarding being on the Other Side. Questions like: Would we look the same age over there as we do here; or do we live in houses over there; or how do we get around.

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