What did you mean by saying, in your book, that karma and the Law of Attraction amount to the same thing? Surely they are opposites – one negative, the other positive?
(Natalie J.)

New Q & A iconThanks for your question Natalie. Well as I said (in Life and Death) karma is like electricity. What makes it good or bad is how you use it. In itself it is neither good nor bad, positive or negative. [ Karma and Law of Attraction opposites ]

It is more than this of course; karma reminds us that we live in a meaningful and dynamic world where our thoughts and actions have consequences. We learn to work consciously with karma to produce our best results. Our thoughts and actions create reactions. [ Karma and Law of Attraction opposites ]

As Buddha said,
What you are now, is what you have been. What you will be (or become) is what you do now.” [ Karma and Law of Attraction opposites ]

Law of Attraction a modern slant on Karma

I see the Law of Attraction, as a modern slant on karma. But, for the most part without the emphasis on the spiritual urgency behind the earlier term. Indeed in the popular representation of it, the Law of Attraction is a preoccupation with the mundane – focusing on attracting more things into our lives. I’m still waiting for that car to arrive, but I’m told it’s on its way.

Even so it works on the basis of resonance. Building resonance, getting to the same vibration with what we want or desire. So, in order to be successful at it we have to lift our game. The more positive and loving we can muster in ourselves, thus lifting our vibration, the more successful we can be in attracting what we want. [ Karma and Law of Attraction opposites ]

Law of Attraction can lead to spirituality

It’s sneaky because the practice of working with the Law of Attraction is encouraging us along a path that leads towards spiritual understanding – just like working with karma…

I hope this helps to answer the question for you. If you are interested in looking further into the Law of Attraction, and more besides, get hold of my free book; Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace. It’s available here. [ Karma and Law of Attraction opposites ]

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Karma and Law of Attraction opposites

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