Forthcoming book:

Love’s Story of Why We Are Here

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Forthcoming non-fiction Mind Body & Spirit book

This book sets out to answer one big question: Why are we here? [ Love’s Story of Why We Are Here ]

And advises on, What we can do about it.

Love's Story of Why We Are Here | 3D 600 imageThe author presents the case for the answer, to this big question, lying in part, in the awakening of life to consciousness through  evolution. Evolution that is also proactive in its intention. [ Love’s Story of Why We Are Here ]

Each lifeform is an expression of spirit or soul. Behind all life are souls seeking to awaken, become self-aware. And the imperative, the driver, behind it all is… a hidden intelligence.

The whole is seen to operate at a level currently ignored or overlooked by religions and science.

To give structure to his answer the author proposes there is an agenda operating behind existence, which he calls “Love’s Agenda.” This hypothesis of awakening involves seven principles that he sees as operating across the Universe. This includes what he calls the “soul ladder,” an essential component to the model.

The Love’s Story chapter, which lends itself to the book’s title, provides a story form version of the hypothesis.

The book also encapsulates explorations/commentary on the aura, quantum theory, Gaia, Darwinian evolution, UFOs and extraterrestrials.

This is the author’s fifth book in the Making Sense of It series. It is the companion to Life and Death: Making Sense of It.[ Love’s Story of Why We Are Here ]

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Publication date: May/June 2018 – tbc.
Paperback and PDF versions of the book will include: Introduction, nine chapters and an epilogue; notes and references at the end of each chapter; a bibliography; an Index. Book length, 150 pages.

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Francis O’Neill Author bio[ Love’s Story of Why We Are Here ]

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