Why do spiritual people want to be detached from material things?

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There is nothing wrong with material things. I’d say that some of us get detached from them as a result of a limited budget rather than any spiritual endeavour…

However, you are looking for a better answer…


The answer is simple really. This is about desire and getting ensnared in the physical. In a number of eastern religions, for example, there the concern is to get off the Wheel of Samsara, in order to reach enlightenment and be free of rebirth and karma – ie the constant birth-death-birth cycle of life. It is seen as an unwelcome and trapped situation.

Now the big magnetism in all this is the world and things. We get involved with what is transitory and what always (or nearly always) ends in tears and suffering.
Another way to look at this is to consider that we don’t really belong here – at this level of vibration. It slows down our energies and we have difficulty remembering who we are in our more natural form.

Western thinking

From a more western view, if we have a choice in the matter (and probably a lot of us don’t because we are still sleepwalking our existence), we risk the coming back here, under our own volition, to learn, to become more loving beings – we have to test out our understanding of where we are at.

This physical world feels like our home because we come to identify with it, and also, in a great many respects, we started here long ago. Only by becoming conscious do we begin to recognise this is not our true nature or home. [ Why be detached from material things ]

Once this happens we have already begun the return journey to our natural home. It is, or will be, a long and winding path however for most of us… There is a difference between being conscious and being fully functioning.

Jesus aka Rowdy Yates

That’s why it helps to have someone, like a Jesus or a Buddha, who has travelled that much further (like Rowdy Yates of Rawhide), to return and remind us of our direction of travel.

So, there’s my take on this. It’s longer than expected. [ Why be detached from material things ]

The best way to live, I suggest, is to be comfortable, all of us to be comfortable, with all the things we need, but without ever getting too close, too attached. Too into ownership.

It is something we have to learn. It remains a challenge though to pull that off and remain focussed on the journey ahead.

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