What do I need to do to improve my spiritual life? (Florence A.)

New Q & A iconThanks for your question Florence. It’s a great question. I reckon we could all use improving our spiritual lives. [ Improve my spiritual life ]

This is something you really need to do for yourself. Or in other words find what works for you.

It’s a Mind, Body & Spirit matter

Taking an holistic approach though you really need to look after your Mind, Body and Spirit. All three need to be brought into balance. [ Improve my spiritual life ]

I consider eating healthily, taking exercise, taking meditation,  pursuing reading (around spiritul matters), music and laughter, all good for the soul and spiritual development. But also take a few risks, and if you can, mix with people on a wavelength that supports what you are endeavouring to achieve.

Listen to your heart. If going forward feels right then pursue it and don’t look down or back.

Helpful Resources

I can offer you a free book, Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace, that provides further insight and tips on health and meditation, to cover much of this. Also check out these articles if of interest: How to find yourself, and some wonderful books you might take a look at in Twelve Inspirational Life Books.

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Improve my spiritual life

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