How long do you think humans have lived on the Earth? (Adrian T.)

New Q & A iconThank you for this question Adrian. It is one that interests me greatly. Indeed I wrote a chapter (Out of The Garden) covering it, in the Life and Death book. [ How long have humans lived on the Earth ]

The human form, as we know it, has probably been around for at least 200 thousand years (possibly 300 thousand years) – and is believed to relate back much further, possibly two million years, to Homo-ergaster and even earlier hominids.

Form is not the same as content

There is a difference however between form and content. What interests me is that, based on the evidence we have, there arguably occurred a shift in consciousness around 50,000 years ago. It could be longer but still a relatively short span of time going back. This was a major shift, marking the arrival of human beings. I discuss my reasoning for this in the Out of The Garden chapter.

So you could say that we have lived here since then. I hope this helps to answer your question. [ How long have humans lived on the Earth ]

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How long have humans lived on the Earth?

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