Do you believe UFOs exist?

Do you believe that UFOs exist?

I’m very sceptical but a recent experience has given me some food for thought.

“Do you believe that UFOs exist? I’m very sceptical but a recent experience has given me some food for thought.” A question sent in by Don M.

Thank you for your question.

Well you don’t mention what that experience is, or was. In context I’m anticipating that in asking this question you are really angling as to whether I believe in extraterrestrials or not – rather than just UFOs.

Q&A | 400x96 imageMy short answer is “Yes of course.” Why wouldn’t I?

A lot of things are flying around in our skies that we label as UFOs. This is because we simply don’t know what they are – at the time of being observed. Only later we find an explanation for them, and  often the explanation is closer to home – something we are familiar with, or perhaps a phenomenon that may be new to us – such as the Hessdalen Lights in Norway – but possibly closer to home in origin.

We should bear in mind we do a lot of the “flying around” ourselves these days. If you think about it, it is only a relatively recent phenomenon in itself. You’ve only to go back to before 1783 (when Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes flew the first hot air balloon) and we’re talking of anything flying to be a “paranormal” event – except for the witches and birds that is.

We are not alone

Look here’s my argument:
1. Surely no one can really still believe that we are alone in the Universe. The likelihood that we are not alone is becoming overwhelming as we discover more “exoplanets” (planets similar to our own out there). There are a lot of planets in the habitable zone that could carry life as we know it. We are talking a potential of millions. [ Do you believe UFOs exist ]

2. Further, surely no one can really doubt the possibility that there is intelligent life out there. Some of it is likely to be much older in civilisation and development than us. [ Do you believe UFOs exist ]

We are arguably still quite primitive. But then if you think of the technological progress we have made, even in, say, the last hundred years, where might we be in a thousand years? On proviso we don’t blow ourselves up that is. [ Do you believe UFOs exist ]

In context, think of intelligent life out there that could be a million years older in cultural and technological development than us.

3. The big question we should be asking now is not whether intelligent extraterrestrial life exists but how the hell is it, or they, getting here, from light years away. [ Do you believe UFOs exist ]

Well I have a simple answer. This is off the wall. They are not depending upon primitive rocket power to get here or there, that’s for sure. They have instead found a way to operate outside of time. Here’s a clue – they astral travel! They have found how to slip through different dimensions.

I suspect in perhaps a few years, or a short time from now, this kind of question, as “do you believe in UFOs?” will be a non-question and all will seem so obvious and self-evident.

Look sorry, I’ve got to go. There are people in black suits at the door… Just quickly, I’ll be writing about UFOs in my next book – that I’m currently working on. I’ll flag it up when done. [Update: This book; Love’s Story of Why We Are Here is now available]

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