How do these planets in my 8th house affect me? I am a Taurus Sun with Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, north node, vertex, and part of fortune in the 8th house. It falls under the sign of Gemini as well

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A Stellium of Planets in the 8th House | New Q & A iconFirst off the planets don’t “affect” you

Okay we can say the Sun and Moon affect us all in our well-being and behaviour but that is where physical affects begin and end. It is better to see the whole astrology thing as symbolical of a theme in your life.

Here’s a rundown of the meaning of 8th House in general

It represents legal matters, undercurrents, issues that are hidden. It links to possessions but here gained through others (possibly through their loss), shared resources with others. Mixed up with the 8th House are passions, powerful feelings, undercover activities, sex, crime, taboos.

In any relationship there is a point when the gloss comes off and truer feelings and intentions, or hidden (known or unknown) agendas, are revealed – and it depends then whether we can live with this or not. This house links with death – something has to die in order to be transformed. This house links with the Shadow and how we can come to love ourselves (or others) warts and all.Astrology and a Stellium of Planets in the 8th House

Your 8th House

Having a stellium in your 8th House symbolises some kind of need for cleansing and transformation in your ego, in your life’s goals, in your perspective on life and others.

I’d suggest this is a spiritual cleansing. A need to discover your authentic self. I imagine you are a very sensitive, intense and introverted person. You probably need to come out of your shell somewhat.

You have work to do, that most probably links to a series of previous lives where you haven’t quite got things right – and this one gives you opportunity for a real breakthrough of the heart.

Maybe you need to stand for a cause – an injustice – and write about it – be a Gemini communicator. Or work for some kind of undercover agency or secret society.

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Astrology and a Stellium of Planets in the 8th House

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