How does one find happiness as a Virgo?

New Q & A iconI’m a Virgo & I over analyze everything. I feel I’m too logical to believe a lot of stuff that gets the happy people through their days, so then I feel like I will never find it because I know reality.

How does one find happiness as a Virgo? A Quora question from Jay T.

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Virgo building blocks

I’d suggest you firstly get in touch with the building blocks of Virgo.

It is a Mutable, Earth, and a Negative (introvertive/feminine) sign. See Negative here as a polarity, as in electricity, rather than something bad.

What that means

If you are strongly Virgo you will be inclined be concerned with refinement (often with one’s health), being thoughtful, introspective, critical, cautious – wanting to dot every i and cross every t. How one finds happiness as a Virgo

Virgo is also adaptable and seeks to be engaged with the world. It often has strong community leanings – combined with a strong work ethic or sense of duty and care. Hence one reason why Virgos often get to be associated with health practices, or dealing with office duties – requiring commitment, analysis and care for detail.

Happiness is fleeting (for everyone I’d suggest) but the path to finding peace is through being true to one Self.

What Virgo needs

What Virgo most probably needs, to achieve this, is to tone down the being overly critical and to learn tolerance.

Learn to be accommodating of other people and their experience. To be able to be in their shoes and accept them for who they are. And to go further and participate in their lives – probably in a supportive role.

The tendency to “over analyze” is most definitely there. Bear in mind you will be looking at the world through Virgo eyes and seeing one facet of a prism.

While you “know reality,” you really only know your reality – that may be full of dotted T’s and crossed i’s; and even border on the cynical. You can tend to miss a bigger picture in other words. Practice leaving room for other possibilities.

There is often a “trust” issue with the Virgoan temperament. Perhaps learn, or relearn, to become more playful, less cautious.

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