What is the purpose of Neptune square Mars? I’m going through it and I have to say I’m not a fan

An interesting question I answered on Quora – from Aldo V.

Any astrologer understand the purpose of Neptune square Mars? New Q & A iconWell firstly let me say that one could be born with Mars square to Neptune or secondly have Neptune by transit squaring Mars – or indeed vice versa.

I am assuming from your question that this is a case of the latter, a transitional situation – Neptune by transit is squaring your birth Mars during this time. What is the purpose of Neptune square Mars?

The difference being, of course, that if you were born with it you would have found a way of working with it – even if that way may not necessarily be a healthy way of working with it.

I need to also say that not knowing your birthchart I am unable to be specific to your situation, so what I will be doing is answering your question on a more general basis regarding the two planets.

Comment on square aspects

All square aspects in a horoscope/birthchart represent powerful points of tension. They are not easy to work with. They mostly encourage us to awaken and work with them consciously – or else we can make (largely unconscious/blind-spot) mistakes around what they represent. While what they represent continues to smoulder away inside.

A look at these two planets:

Neptune is one of the outer planets. It represents the transpersonal, having links with the spiritual, the intuitive, the arts (especially music and body movement), the ocean, all things wispy, misty, unclear and uncertain. It wants to be more inclusive, less individualistic.

Mars on the other hand represents the personal urgent driving force in our lives. What we aggress towards. It is decisive, sets objectives, is the military. It takes action. It says, “actions speak louder than words,” let’s get moving. It is certain. It assumes that any problem can be solved by action. It can be hasty – and could be accused of taking action without thinking; only asking questions later. It wants to be up front and personal, exclusive and individualistic.

How they tend to get on

These two in our lives will not easily rub along together. One is very masculine, insensitive, the other has a feminine touch and sensitive.

With the square, this dialogue can result in a theme of uncertainty. It can result in hasty actions that probably lead us nowhere, or into a fog. Or it can represent a kind of sitting on the fence and being indecisive – because we can’t make decisions, by ourselves, so easily right now.

It can also represent a time when we are not well, we are run-down, have low energy, our batteries need a recharge. We can feel a sense of isolation or loneliness – even in a crowd where we now feel misunderstood. Our tastes and interests may change. We may get seriously (even clinically) depressed and in extremes entertain suicidal feelings – as we become a “fish out of water,” or seemingly so.What is the purpose of Neptune square Mars?

We may be having paranormal experiences. Our very identity could feel under threat.

In a physical sense we could find we are having issues with services we rely on – for instance gas and water supplies. A lot of things may demand our attention and decisions. We probably need help.

The danger with Neptune around Mars is that to help deal with our situation we may turn to using a quick-fix like drugs or alcohol to help us cope or solve our problems. It won’t, it will only make matters worse.What is the purpose of Neptune square Mars?

Better to talk to someone and counsel our issues out.

I’m not suggesting here that one stops taking any medical prescription by the way – but no more than the dosage prescribed.

Nitty gritty – or how to work with this trend

In this situation that part of us represented by Mars needs to stretch. It needs to learn that no one is an island. We need to reconnect with our soul, with god, the universe or whatever we wish to call it. We are being reminded that we are bigger than the “ordinary” or personal life we have setup for ourselves, or are scurrying around in.

Always with Neptune around there is need for some kind of “refinement,” a lifting of one’s vibration to take place. A dissolving of structures/constructs that no longer serve our deeper needs – particularly our spiritual needs.

With the square thrown in, this refinement requires an increase in our awareness to happen. The “houses” the two planets are in will help to throw light on what is needed. What is the purpose of Neptune square Mars?

Generally this could be helped by say, improving our diet, going vegetarian, going out into nature, going on a retreat, taking up a martial arts course, particularly learning and applying Tai Chi or some other bodily art form like dance, that also incorporates “discipline” (Mars will like that). Learning to play a musical instrument, or say painting landscapes, are other means of expression that will benefit us.

Regardless I would recommend you explore and apply meditation, particularly for this situation. But then I would suggest meditation for any human condition. Have a read of my article on meditation if of interest.

Anything that will help lead you to a higher state of awareness (and naturally) is good.

This is about going with the flow than preserving one’s ego and battling against it.

Remember what the Gestalt inventor, Fritz Perls said:

Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.

Very apt.

I hope this helps you.

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