Is any planet bad in the 8th house?

Is any planet bad in the 8th house? A question I answered on Quora.

Homepage Topic 1 imageSpeaking as a person with a stellium in the 8th house (and a stellium in Scorpio), I’m probably well qualified to chip in an answer to this question.

But to begin with, there are two questions within this question. As it is so familiar a belief, the first question, is easily ignored or skated over.

It is this: Is any planet bad?

Let me answer this assumption this way; As I see it (I’d argue it should be “as we all see it”), planets are not good or bad per se. They represent energies in our lives, that we are working with (or not), whatever sign or house they exist in.

Some energies are easier to work with and integrate with than others, into our identity. Some can be downright challenging to work with. But in simple terms the challenging energies remind us of where we need to raise our game – awaken – to get the best from ourselves. They imply we have work to do.

In my book, having work to do, is why we are here.

And I hope it goes without saying that the tendency of any planet has to be seen in context with the bigger picture of the person’s birth-chart.

Is any planet bad in the 8th house?

If you consider our journey through the cycle of the houses, the 8th house is where we are encouraged to discover the truth – wot’s bin hid and wot’s bin did.

Houses Main Grid | 400x96 imageIt is where some of the gloss comes off; where we discover our own mortality – death is for real; where we discover a bed of roses can also be a bed of thorns; where we discover the world, as sold to us through our upbringing, is likely to fall short of what is really going on.

Indeed, this is where we may discover we are the outcome of our subconscious mind, with all its taboos and baggage we have cheerfully taken onboard from our culture – and now have to decide if it is all useful to our direction of travel.

The truth can hurt. But we must integrate this discovery into our growth, our understanding, our journey, to continue on into spiritual maturity. Otherwise this is where we stop growing, this is where we may die (inside at least). This is where you may find the shadows and wrecks of ruined opportunities and ruined lives.

If you have a planet in the 8th house, study it, look for its hidden meaning – bring it in from the cold and give it some love.

I will say that I have certainly faced some demons with my situation. The study of psychology and astrology has helped to lift my energies. Also just the discipline of writing books, such as Life and Death: Making Sense of It, has also helped me to give expression to my Scorpio/8th house planets.

I hope this helps.

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