What exactly do you mean by “spiritual health” and surely our religions adequately cover this? (Rosalind R.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoRosalind, this is actually a big question. It is also a simple question. I’m going to keep my answer as short and simple as I can here. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

Firstly “spiritual health,” as I understand it, really involves awakening. Awakening to the idea that our lives are meaningful, that we are engaged in becoming more loving beings – and putting everything in context with that. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

This transcends way beyond what we might call our normal 9 to 5 level of awareness – our jobs, our home, family, our holidays and the things we have around us. This is not, however, to dismiss what we have, but to learn to see what is around us in symbolical terms. Our external situation mirroring our internal condition and situation. It becomes important to see things as they are.

Life is more than a “bucket list”

If we consider we are on a long journey homeward, to consciousness, to being fully awake and engaged, we can get a flavour of how each step, each situation we encounter, is developing from what has gone before, in context with our endeavours going forward.

From my perspective you have taken physical form and have arrived on the Earth with a mission. There is something you need to learn from being here – and you may well find it in your ordinary, everyday activities, even in a “bucket list.” Or there again you are yet to discover it in something less mundane.

It is for you to find out/know/remember what that something is. This learning, which may be simple or complicated, is linked to where you are currently at in your spiritual growth. You have come to participate, to give, to take, to learn something about Love, that you will carry away with you on leaving the physical world – once again. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

To sum up, I see spiritual health as awakening to, and getting on with, one’s mission – within a moral framework of course. The tricky part is that it is for us to decide (or remember) what our situation and mission is first, and then how best to approach fulfilling it. There will be clues around us and we need to look out for them. [ What do you mean by spiritual health ]

I hope this answers your question. I would like to think “our religions cover this” but I have concern that some, at least, do not. Besides there is always room for more “coverage” let’s say. [ Spiritual Q & A ]

If you have my Life and Death book, you might find it helpful to re-read the chapter on The Soul Question. Also take a look at the Buddhist Eight-fold Path which provides a short but comprehensive moral compass towards spiritual health.

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