Do you believe in Angels?

I believe I have seen one

“Do you believe in Angels? I believe I have seen one.” A question from Mikaila Z.

New Q & A iconThank you for your question.

I think it’s fabulous that you have seen an angel. You haven’t described what this being looked like in your message – so come back to me if you wish to say more…

I’m not certain of the answer to this question. Clearly you (now) believe in angels, and it means something to you, so shouldn’t that be enough? [ Do you believe in Angels ]

To me this is like asking do I believe in “divine intervention?” And you know what, I do! I believe it can happen in exceptional circumstances – particularly where a soul is getting things screwed up yet again and their actions need a checkmate, or helping hand, placed upon them, perhaps before they hurt themselves or others. [ Do you believe in Angels ]

My argument is a bit woolly though, for reasons that a sequence of odd but timely events might also seem like divine intervention.

Could angels be extra-terrestrial beings?

Regards the existence of angels; I anticipate that there are all kinds of phenomena that I don’t know of, have never experienced – but have read about. Might some be possibly extra-terrestrial beings rather than angels in the biblical sense? I think they might.

Intervention by one’s soul

I’m inclined to believe in the possibility of intervention by one’s soul rather than any kind of guardian.

There are of course guides, but these guys, although can give you a guiding nudge or two, are not allowed to interfere with the direction of your life. For them it is all a case of their dropping hints if such is needed, which may or may not chime with the recipient. [ Do you believe in Angels ]

I wrote an article on divine intervention, that I also placed, in part, in the Introduction to my Life and Death book.

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