Do you believe in the western or Chinese zodiac and why?

Megan A.

Thanks for your question Megan. Believe in the western or Chinese zodiac and why

Believe in the western or Chinese zodiac and why | New Q & A iconI have looked into Chinese astrology briefly and I accept the information that I was given on the animal that represents me.

Of course, as you may gather from my profile, I have studied Western astrology in depth. Believe in the western or Chinese zodiac and why

The “why” of your question is best answered by your looking into astrology and seeing if it fits for you.

I believe in it because it works. I also have my theory as to why it works – which I won’t go into here. But see the link to my article below, which does explain my understanding of this.

Nothing like what one reads in the papers

Astrology is nothing like what one reads in the media – the “stars” – that splits the world into twelve groups (the Sun signs), and would lead us to believe that that is the full extent of the matter.

This provides a public misconception that allows everyone to have an armchair opinion on astrology, that is almost inevitably misinformed, whether for or against it.

Astrology, when used properly, incorporates all the planets of our solar system, all 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 houses – plus other components and planetary aspects.Believe in the western or Chinese zodiac and why

Holistic/Spiritual art – not Pseudoscience

Astrology is an holistic art that draws on science – notably astronomy. It is not a science in itself and should never claim to be.

Nor is it, on that basis, a “pseudoscience” as often arrogantly claimed by some scientists (and Wikipedia), in order to rubbish it, or keep it suppressed. I’d venture that most who make such claims have never studied the matter.

Astrology presents a worldview/paradigm that is holistic and spiritual. It provides a most intelligent meaningful perspective on life and events in time.

One of the reasons it is denied in our culture is because it presents a paradigm at loggerheads with  orthodox religions and the materialistic/mechanistic beliefs of science.

An understanding of life awaiting acceptance

Astrology has been around for thousands of years (longer than most religions or sciences) and will, I believe, become the paradigm we will all begin to accept, if at a later time. Although its name may change before that acceptance takes place.

Have a read of my article: Get Real About Astrology if you want more of my view on this.

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Believe in the western or Chinese zodiac and why

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