What is wrong with our society today?

What is wrong with our society today?

What is wrong with our society today? A question from Joseph Z.

New Q & A iconInteresting and huge question. Here’s my two-penneth, in draft form let’s say. 

We are in mid-stream

I believe we are in mid-stream going through major changes and upheaval. We are being asked to wake up and move on from the residue of our mediaeval past, our constructs, our beliefs.

These include the religious beliefs or dogmas that have carried us (and misled us) for so long – and are now becoming less respected by educated people. Fairly I’d also include the religion of science, particularly the sciences that have thus far provided a mechanistic and reductionist alternative to the orthodox (Abrahamic) religions. Their conclusions about spirituality are also misleading and, I’d suggest, intentionally polarised against religion. 

A lot of stuff has been done and hidden in our name, and the truth is pouring out right now – at least some of it. Some of it we just can’t ignore any longer.

The Internet has played a huge part in raising our awareness to the dark stuff – and some of our own darkness too. 

Spiritual malnutrition

It is fair to say we are now becoming more secular in our beliefs.

This can be a good thing to aid our moving on from our past, but it also carries dangers. A case of possibly throwing the baby out with the bathwater by our becoming more disconnected from our spiritual reality and thereby losing our moral compass/conscience. 

I’d say, we are already spiritually malnourished at this time, but there is much hope there too.

Waiting for the next chapter

I suggest, we are currently in no-mans land then, waiting for the next chapter of our story to begin. I believe this will be holistic in nature. If we can make the transition it will be a remarkable chapter in our existence. Certainly there will be more honest love and understanding going around.

Folk from abroad

As I’ve said elsewhere, I believe we will be getting to know folk from other parts of our galaxy before too long. We know this is coming. It is going to be big, and hopefully it will mesh in with our being more awake for the adjustment it will require.

You might also read an astrological article I wrote a while back on Global Unrest for more on what is wrong with our society today.

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