Will science be able to explain ghosts, Satan, and Black Magic? Do scientists believe in them despite that there is no scientific evidence?

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I think science will eventually prove the existence of life at vibration levels other than the physical.

I think science will eventually prove the existence of ghosts, the soul and the afterlife. [ Will science be able to explain ghosts ]

But you need to remember that science is made up of people, not automatons. They have beliefs and prejudices like every other person. It comes with the package, and sometimes it seems the territory too.

It ain’t necessarily so…

A lot of the people of science are not scientists in the true sense of the word – not like an Einstein. They do not approach matters, such as ghosts, with an open mind, and seek to look at the evidence. Rather they already know they don’t exist. [ Will science be able to explain ghosts ]

They know ghosts don’t exist because their religion is steeped in materialism and a mechanistic worldview. Such things can’t exist in that world.

The only way behaviour changes in science is that certain people die and differently behaving people take their places.  Lynn Margulis (American microbiologist)

Some hope…

I have great hope that the change will come from within science – through an area such as quantum-mechanics. In the meantime scientists should stick with what they know about, rather make pronouncements on things they don’t know about – it ain’t scientific.

Let me add that my beliefs and interests have been on the receiving end of playground behaviour and ill-informed comments and judgements from so-called people of science. So I know a bit of what I’m talking about…

Don’t rely on science for answers to the bigger questions

Science goes around the houses to get to an understanding. It won’t be answering any of the bigger questions anytime soon. I’d suggest we’re in a time where we need to find our own way, and be counted for what we believe…

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Will science be able to explain ghosts ?

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