Why do you think people should be interested in spiritual matters? If you look at life from a scientific perspective it is all pretty straight forward, we live we die. Why complicate the matter? (Trevor B.)

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I’d say that if you are looking at life from a “scientific perspective” then that, in itself, should give you cause not to be too hasty in your judgement of what is, and isn’t, the truth regarding life, death and spirituality. I believe the evidence, from paranormal studies, mediums, children and past lives, and NDE studies, supports our survival of death better than the evidence for when we are dead we are dead. [ Why should people be interested in spiritual matters ]

I happen to trust the evidence that we do survive death. Given this is the case it raises questions regarding why we survive, for what purpose. It seems to me inevitable that this leads to questions regarding “meaning” and “purpose” to life, and onto “spirituality.”

Life is for the living

Actually this question reminds me of the logic I used in the, Are You Ready for This, chapter of the Life and Death book. If one chooses to ignore the evidence there is still a logical argument for saying, in terms of leading a happy life, it is better to believe one will survive death than not. [ Why should people be interested in spiritual matters ]

Take a read of my logic from this article. Better still, download the chapter mentioned for free off this link. If you decide to get the book, have a read of the Fringe Benefits chapter for the evidence I present there.

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