Which will value the most, the body or the soul? (Quora question)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoYou might ask which is of greater value, the driver or the car? Value the most body or soul

But then, judging by the value placed on the car, or some cars, these days, I suspect the car might be considered of greater value.

The difference being though that here we are talking of one being the causation of the other.

As I view it, the body is an outer expression of the soul. We are souls with bodies – not the other way around. Value the most body or soul

The body and soul depend upon each other in this Earth situation for experience and learning purposes. It is all in aid of lifting consciousness, and bringing some love and light into matter let’s say.

The body is our spacesuit for living on the Earth, and in this time period. It is temporary therefore – as we know so well. Value the most body or soul

A new situation, either on the Earth or elsewhere, will require a new body or spacesuit.

Bottom line, the soul is the traveller, the actor in the unfolding story. The body the outer garment, the prop, the stage for the drama.

I hope this helps.

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