What are the top three things you would want people to know about astrology?

From Gabrielle W-B The top three things to know about astrology

New Q & A iconGood question – and thanks for the invitation Gabrielle. Here they are:

1. Astrology is nothing like what one reads in the media – the “stars” – that splits the world into twelve groups (the Sun signs), and would leave us to believe that that is the full extent of the matter.

It provides a public misconception that allows everyone, and their dog, to have an opinion on astrology, that is inevitably misinformed, whether for or against.

2. Astrology is an holistic art that draws on science – notably astronomy. It is not (in my opinion) a science per se.

Nor is it a “pseudoscience” as often arrogantly claimed by some scientists. I’d venture that most who make such claims will never have studied the matter in any depth to be able to offer valuable insight or comment on the matter.

But that “public misconception” I mention above, gives them all the weapons they need to rubbish it – and get away with it. The top three things to know about astrology

3. Meanwhile, astrology is unlikely to be ever endorsed by science.

This has little to do with research findings – as is often claimed. As Michel Gauquelin discovered to his cost, it has everything to do with astrology coming from a different paradigm or worldview to science – and it can’t be tolerated.

Notwithstanding quantum theory, the sciences (and its sceptic followers), are steeped in a non-spiritual mechanistic, materialistic and reductionist worldview.

If you believe in this worldview you won’t have much time for the opposite: The meaningful holistic-spiritual worldview that astrology has its home in. The top three things to know about astrology

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The top three things to know about astrology

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