Has there been any solid proof that there are ghosts? (A P)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoThanks for your question AP. By “solid proof” I assume that you mean acceptable to science. [ Solid proof that there are ghosts ]

I’m not aware that there has been any serious research into ghosts that has produced evidence that would be acceptable to science.

In any case there would be neither funding nor support from the scientific community, for such research. Ghosts don’t fit into the materialistic/mechanistic paradigm most of science works under. It therefore follows they can’t exist; so why bother with funding research.

If you want “solid proof;” currently you will have to rely on anecdotal proof. There is plenty – including my own experience. There is also some proof from TV shows such as Most Haunted. You will also find some genuine videos out there too – not all are necessarily the result of CGI.

I hope this helps. [ Solid proof that there are ghosts ]

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