Scorpio moon conjunct Pluto in 4th house

Scorpio moon conjunct Pluto in 4th house. What does this mean in a natal chart?

Scorpio moon conjunct Pluto in 4th house. What does this mean in a natal chart? A question I answered in Quora.

Homepage Topic 1 imageWhat I’m going to say is generalised without knowing the rest of the chart. That said, it is a powerful theme deserving of comment.

Let’s look at the key players

The Moon represents our emotional life, our moods, where we wax and wane, sense of security, our well-being, our being at-home-in-ourself, our sense of being rooted. It also links to our subconscious and the habits and memories we develop in coping with life.

Pluto represents something powerful and dark, something hidden. Something that needs to be expressed (or is expressed through others), brought out into the light and transformed. It lies outside of the ordinary ken of life and can indicate real inner power struggles of a spiritual nature.

These in the 4th House. Suggests, strong attachment to home, family, one’s hereditary mother and the land; difficult relations with others in the home – tendency to be either dictatorial or under the thumb by a controlling other person.

There’s potential for radical self-transformation or the tendency to suffer repression, depression and sadness/upheavals in one’s home-life.

It is not a set up for wallflowers…

I’d suggest there are always spiritual and possibly sexual forces at work in this. Something that needs healing or cleansing. It could also manifest in paranormal or psychic expression.

Mozart had his Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius in his 4th House

Mozart's birth-chart | 600x96 image

Briefly, this is what I’ve said about this elsewhere…

His Moon conjunct Pluto in the 4th house indicates he likely had a challenging childhood and home life. Probably it was strict, sombre, not a lot of fun or love expressed openly.

I’m also reminded that Mozart was the youngest of seven children; five of whom died in infancy. The association of Pluto with hard knocks and death is clearly not to be taken lightly here.

Generally, the Moon in Sagittarius person is likely to go through mood swings (likely, with Pluto involved, these were dark mood swings in Mozart’s case), but will also tend to rise above difficulties and come out seeing the glass as half-full. He would likely have remained optimistic regarding life and his future.

The Moon here indicates he would have probably wanted to avoid, or suppress feelings and powerful emotions involved. He would have preferred to keep the lid on things in other words.

Many changes of residence are also likely to have occurred with his Moon setup. One would also expect one parent to be a strong influence in the person’s life. And Mozart’s father did (literally) play such a role. He was his music teacher.

I hope this helps.

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